Childrens Courses Tickets and Dates

More Information about Childrens Courses

We are closed on the following dates: Saturday 6TH NOVEMBER, Wednesday 10th NOVEMBER and Saturday 11TH DECEMBER, all pricing reflects any missed lessons due to these planned closures.

1. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes (except academy that lasts 45 minutes) and permits access onto the 1st public session following the lesson only.
2. We are closed on the following dates: Saturday 6TH NOVEMBER, Wednesday 10th NOVEMBER and Saturday 11TH DECEMBER, all pricing reflects any missed lessons due to these planned closures.
3. Parents/guardians may watch from the stands or ice cafÚ for free.
4. Please bring your termly course membership card with you to every lesson to show that you are on a course. Please keep this safe as we cannot replace it if you lose it. If you do misplace it you will need to report early to reception so we can check you off the register, which does take longer.
5. Please arrive 15 minutes before your lesson starts as it is essential to be on time for your lesson.
6. On your first lesson of a new course please have your achievement booklet with you. Please ensure your name is printed on the front. If you do not have an achievement booklet and you have already passed levels we may have to re-assess you and this must be done before the class starts. A replacement achievement card costs ú1. You also need to bring your record of achievement booklet with you to your last lesson as you will have an assessment and test.

Skates & clothing
1. Skates should fit snugly, not slip up and down when you walk.
2. Please lace skates firmly though not too tight and use all the hooks. Skates usually feel uncomfortable if you are not used to them.
3. Blades should be sharp to the touch, if in doubt ask the skate hire staff.
4. Clothing should be warm, preferably layers. Gloves are a good idea but no hats or scarves please.

Your lesson
1. We take 1-15 skaters to 1 coach depending on government guidelines. If classes exceed this which is not often, we add an assistant to compensate.
2. 5 minutes before your class starts please wait off the ice at the designated entry point. Week day courses use a third of the ice, Saturday and adults use the whole ice.
3. If the skater is reluctant to go on the ice please do not force them on, let them watch a while. They may want to join in a little later.
4. Some teaching at beginner level may take place off ice in skates, preparing skaters before going onto the ice rink
5. Any accompanying parents/guardians are able to wait in the Ice CafÚ area, or seating stands. Please do not stand at the barrier during the lesson. If you have any questions or queries during the lesson please do speak with our reception team.
6. Photography or filming is not permitted during lessons.

Other information
1. Children must enter the ice at their lesson start time and exit once the lesson has concluded. Parents/guardians may watch from the cafÚ or seating stands for free.
2. You will be able to book for next term once you have had your test at the end of the current course. You will need to know your current level when you book. All bookings can be made through our website. Due to a high volume of course users we strongly recommend booking your next course as soon as possible, on the day bookings cannot be guaranteed.
3. Courses are non-refundable of transferable. Unfortunately we cannot compensate for any lessons missed unless it is the fault of the Ice Rink.
4. If course numbers are not sufficient Alexandra Palace reserve the right to cancel courses, or skating levels may be amalgamated at any time.


How are you supporting social distancing at the ice rink?
We encourage users to wear face masks in the facility, but can take them off whilst on the ice. There will be sanitiser available. We encourage all visitors to look out for one another and follow the latest government guidelines throughout their visit.

Do I have to wear a face mask?
We encourage visitors to wear a face mask in the facility, but can take them off on the ice.

Will you provide hand sanitiser?
Yes, hand sanitiser will be available throughout the ice rink

Are there changing facilities?
The changing rooms will be closed to support social distancing. Please come ready to skate.

What cleaning regime do you have in place?
We have increased our cleaning practices and will be cleaning the space continually throughout each day.

Are there toilets?
Yes, toilets are open at the rink.

Do you have baby changing facilities?
Yes, we do.

Do you have a cloakroom?
We do not have a cloakroom or lockers available. We request you come dressed ready to skate, which includes being able to keep any valuables on you as you skate.

Do you have a car park?
Yes, our East Court car park is open. It is free to use but we suggest a donation of ú3 to help with the running costs.

Can I hire skates?
Yes, this is included in your booking fee. We have sizes from baby 6 to adult 13. Please note however, skating aids are ONLY PURCHASABLE ONLINE.